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Futura Zoetermeer awarded “Very Good” BREEAM-NL rating


Most sustainable residential building in the Netherlands

The Futura residential building in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, has been awarded BREEAM-NL New Construction certification (rating: “Very Good”). During the PROVADA real estate exhibition, Onno Hoff, Managing Director Residential at a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer, was presented with the certificate by Annemarie van Doorn, Director of the Dutch Green Building Council. This makes Futura the most sustainable residential building in the Netherlands according to the BREEAM-NL method.

Futura was developed and completed on a turnkey basis by Ballast Nedam in close cooperation with a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer, the prospective owner of the building who joined the process as a chain partner at an early stage. The partners then presented the project to the Municipality of Zoetermeer as a customised development tailored to the local zoning plan. The Municipality welcomed and supported this initiative to invest in sustainable housing in Zoetermeer.

Onno Hoff: ‘Through Futura, we are making our sustainability ambitions reality. This building shows that we don’t just talk about sustainability, but actually invest in it. It’s an excellent example of how great architecture and sustainability can go hand in hand. Architect Rien de Ruiter certainly deserves a huge compliment.’

Annemarie van Doorn, Director of the Dutch Green Building Council: ‘You can’t imagine how delighted I am that residential buildings are now also being BREEAM-NL-certified. By developing Futura, a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer and Ballast Nedam are leading the way in sustainable residential construction. I hope many fellow developers will follow in their footsteps.’

A total of 4,500,000 m2 in new-build properties have been registered for BREEAM-NL New Construction certification, of which about 6% are residential buildings. Of the 77 issued New Construction Certificates, four have now been awarded to residential developments. Futura has achieved the highest BREEAM-NL score for a residential development. 

Comfortable homes 
The residential building offers 69 non-subsidised rented apartments measuring between 87 and 110 m2 and has six storeys. The apartments feature spacious terraces while the glass atrium provides an indoor garden for all residents to enjoy. The unique architecture of Klunder Architecten and the use of the latest installation, construction and engineering techniques create a pleasant indoor climate. Ample light incidence and intelligent insulation keep the apartments toasty warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer.   

Close cooperation 
Futura’s design, engineering, construction and build are all aimed at making the building as sustainable as possible in terms of energy, light, air, noise and water. Thanks to extensive use of heat recycling, such as in underfloor heating and the ventilation system, as well as excellent insulation, the building is extremely energy-efficient, making for low energy bills for residents.

‘To achieve this high quality level, collaboration in the chain is absolutely vital,’ says Marcel Pfaff, Director of Ballast Nedam Building & Development West. ‘Close cooperation with all the chain partners is key to developing properties of enduring quality.’   

Sustainability performance based on best practices 
The BREEAM-NL New Construction quality mark is used to assess the sustainability performance of new buildings. Apart from looking at the building’s technical sustainability and energy efficiency, the assessment also takes on board the level of residential comfort and its natural surroundings. The sustainability targets are based on best practices and exceed the statutory minimum requirements of the Dutch Building Code and other rules and regulations. BREEAM-NL certification is a voluntary choice of the owner or developer of a building.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a method originally developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), a UK-based research institution somewhat similar to TNO in the Netherlands. BREEAM sets a standard for a sustainable building and then rates the sustainability level of the assessed building.

Photo taken during the award ceremony (from left to right): Peter Verheggen, Sustainable Zoetermeer Programme Manager at Municipality of Zoetermeer, Onno Hoff, Managing Director Residential at a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer, Annemarie van Doorn, Director of DGBC, and Marcel Pfaff, Director of Ballast Nedam Building & Development West.