17 November 2020 | 5 min.

EDGE Eindhoven purchased by a.s.r. real estate’s office fund and residential fund

On behalf of the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund and ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund a.s.r. real estate reached an agreement with property developer EDGE on the purchase of EDGE Eindhoven. This state-of-the-art project encompasses both a high-tech office building, which will be owned by the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund, and 175 mid-priced rental apartments which will be in the hands of the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund. EDGE Eindhoven is centrally located, within walking distance of Central Station.

EDGE Eindhoven Artist's Impression Vanaf Spoor

EDGE Eindhoven artist's impression

EDGE Eindhoven: a smart building in a smart city

EDGE Eindhoven is situated at the heart of Eindhoven, next to the city’s Central Station, and forms part of the station area development known locally as Internationale Knoop XL. The project’s residential section comprises 175 apartments with a strong mid-priced rental focus, in addition to 52 parking spaces and communal bicycle parking for residents. The office section will be of a multi-tenant building with 25,000 sq. m. of offices, 378 sq. m. of commercial space, 200 parking spaces and parking for 360 bicycles. The diverse office concept suits every business model: from larger companies to smaller firms, and even start-ups. The development also has space reserved for a gym, a café/restaurant and a roof terrace, all available to be used by tenants and visitors alike.

EDGE developed the building that not only bears its name but also embodies the distinctive EDGE concept. This high-sustainability building will meet the latest requirements in terms of health, well-being and environmental awareness. The developer is working towards BREAAM Excellent and Well Core & Shell Gold certification by applying the latest techniques, so that climate control, heating and even lighting can be tailored to the individual user. An app will be available to participants who wish to reserve specific spaces in the building. An up-to-date mobility plan is also being developed.

EDGE Eindhoven Artist's Impression

EDGE Eindhoven artist's impression

Roberto Meijer of MVSA Architects designed the EDGE Eindhoven building. Construction is expected to start at the end of 2021, with completion scheduled for Q3 2023.

As Pieter Vandeginste, fund director at ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund says, “We see great potential in the station area development and in Eindhoven as a city. Our fund’s strategy focuses on offices that are not only located near rail hubs, but that also meet the requirements of a new generation of employees. As an innovative high-tech office, EDGE Eindhoven is a perfect match for our strategic vision.”

According to Robbert van Dijk, fund director at ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, “Internationale Knoop XL is a development that creates a pleasant living and working environment with attractive and green public space. Accessible, with facilities right next door and the city centre just a stone’s throw away. Since many of the apartments slot into the mid-priced rental segment, this development will offer homes to a broad target group.”

Robert Alberts, Director of Transactions at EDGE explains, “Early in the development process we worked closely with a.s.r. real estate to make this transaction happen. We are delighted to deliver an innovative living and working environment that reflects both the vision of a.s.r. real estate and the future of Eindhoven.”

The potential of Eindhoven station area development and Eindhoven as a city

EDGE Eindhoven is located on Stationsstraat and forms part of the area around Eindhoven Central Station, all of which is being redeveloped under the banner of the Internationale Knoop XL project. This urban transformation should turn this area into the calling card for the regional Brainport concept. The strong development of the Brainport region in recent years and the positive outlook for the future makes this one of the main five office markets in the Netherlands. Research by a.s.r. real estate confirms this. Would you like to read more?

About ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

The ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund focuses on high-quality offices in the immediate vicinity of mobility hubs in the Netherlands’ five main office markets, such as major rail and metro stations and Schiphol Airport. These locations combine excellent accessibility with a dynamic environment. Mobility hubs offer a good mix of public transport and local services, as well as a wide range of amenities.

About ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund invests in sustainable, high-quality apartments and single-family homes, particularly in the mid-priced rental segment. The locations it selects are distinguished by strong demographic and economic fundamentals that form the basis for a stable investment climate. The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund’s portfolio is currently worth €1.7 billion (not counting the pipeline), and provides homes for some 5,000 households. Over the next three years, the Fund will continue to grow to about €2.0 billion.

About EDGE

EDGE is a real-estate technology company that creates superior buildings designed to make an active and positive contribution to human health and the environment. We build on decades of experience within the real estate and technology sector. Taking a strongly customer-oriented approach, our team is committed to making the built environment greener, smarter and healthier. EDGE is owned by OVG Real Estate with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and New York. The company operates a technology platform that delivers the best buildings and solutions to ambitious customers worldwide.