a.s.r. real estate

Case Studies

Case: ASR Property Fund NV, an investment company with variable capital
The Fiduciary Management team is responsible for the fund management of the ASR Property Fund NV.
The team’s focus is on selecting the proper investment properties that comply with the strategy of the ASR Property Fund. At present, the portfolio mainly targets traditional property sectors (residential, retail and office properties). The geographical focus is on Western Europe. This strategy is aimed at achieving as attractive and stable a return as possible. In this process, funds and partners are selected that have a similar long-term vision to the ASR Property Fund and that attach great value to sustainability and transparency.

Case: ASR Levensverzekering NV
The Fiduciary Management team manages the portfolio of unlisted property in Europe (including the Netherlands) of ASR Levensverzekering NV. Properties are selected and monitored based on the wishes and requirements of ASR Levensverzekering NV. The Fiduciary Management team also plays a major role in the strategic and tactical asset allocation of ASR Levensverzekering NV.