a.s.r. real estate


a.s.r. real estate investment management invests in offices, parking spaces and car parks for institutional investors. Investing in high-quality and sustainable real estate is central to our business and that is reflected in our range of rental properties. Our office spaces meet the highest quality requirements, for now and the future.

Investment policy for offices
Office vacancies have increased due to the current market situation of declining office employment, organisational restructuring and downsizing, as well as the rise in flexible workspaces and telecommuting. We focus on office locations that offer good current and future prospects in terms of office employment and multimodal transportation options. Our offices are located in the Randstad with a strong focus on the four largest cities.

Sustainability has long played a major role in our real estate. This means that we invest in real estate where people will want to live, work and shop in the future and that meets today’s requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Our real estate reflects quality. This means that we pay a great deal of attention to management and maintenance. We also believe it is important to invest in buildings that a lot of people use. Our office spaces, spread over the most up-to-date and modern buildings, are located in easily accessible locations.