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a.s.r. real estate funds achieve higher GRESB score in 2019

Sustainability is an integral aspect of a.s.r. real estate's fund strategies. In 2019, all funds improved their scores on the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund achieved the highest score with 84 points, 4 points higher than in 2018, scoring four out of five stars.

The ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund achieved the largest improvement this year, scoring 77 points, 7 points higher than in 2018. The ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund achieved a score of 76, 4 points up on its 2018 score. Both funds scored three out of a possible five stars.

Over the past few years a.s.r. real estate has committed itself to making its funds more sustainable in various areas. For instance, the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund has increased the sustainability of more than 1,000 homes, through renovation, since 2015. The ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund focused on cooperation with its partners, including generating renewable energy, as well as saving energy. The ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund focused on improving the energy-efficiency of its offices.

Dick Gort, CEO of a.s.r. real estate: “Sustainability is an integral aspect of a.s.r. real estate's fund strategies. We are proud that this is also reflected in improved GRESB scores. In the future, we will continue to make every effort to ensure that our real estate becomes more sustainable. But there are also many opportunities outside our funds which we wish to contribute to.”

We are proud of our sustainability projects and will continue to work hard to become progressively more sustainable. The ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, which was founded this year, will also participate in the GRESB in 2020.


GRESB is an independent benchmark that assesses the sustainability policies of real estate funds and portfolios around the world. The GRESB score enables fund managers to review their sustainability policies and carry out improvements.

For more information about a.s.r. real estate or its sustainability policies, please contact Lizzy Butink.

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