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Portfolio ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund

The retailportfolio consists of high-quality real estate located in the most dominant shopping cities and areas of Netherlands. On this page we show you a limited selection.

Haagse Passage, The Hague

The oldest shopping mall in the Netherlands. A unique shopping area within a UNESCO-world heritage site.

Kalverstraat 66, Amsterdam

Historic building with approximately 7,000 sq. m. of retail floor space located in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam.

Eindstraat 15-17, Breda

Two adjacent retail stores merged into one single store of over 700 sq. m. in Breda.

Terwijde, Utrecht

District Shopping Center Terwijde in the Terwijde residential neighborhood in Utrecht, containing 12,000 sq. m.

Hooge Steenweg 8, Den Bosch

Over 900 sq. m. store in Den Bosch, which connects the Markt to areas near the station.

Leidsestraat 30, Amsterdam

Property transformed into multi-level retail. Located in one of the best retail streets in Amsterdam.

De Nieuwe Passage, The Hague

Shopping mall in The Hague, with approximately 21,300 sq. m. of floor space.