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Bart Vink back at a.s.r. real estate as fund manager for ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund

undefinedBart Vink has joined a.s.r. real estate as of 1 January as fund manager for ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund, the retail fund of the a.s.r. real estate with a portfolio of high-quality real estate in high-street retail, district shopping centres and supermarkets in the 15 biggest cities in the Netherlands.

After studying urban planning in Utrecht, Bart joined DTZ Zadelhoff as a trainee in 2004. He joined a.s.r. real estate five years later as Head of Research, where he was closely involved in the creation of a.s.r. real estate’s first sector fund, the ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund. He simultaneously completed the Master of Real Estate training in Amsterdam (2010-2012). He moved to Redevco in 2014, where he focused on optimising the European retail real estate portfolios and opening up the investment management platform to external investors.

Now,, Bart has returned to a.s.r. real estate to manage the Fund that he helped to create six years ago. As fund manager, he will be working with the retail team led by fund director Edwin van de Woestijne.

For more information the ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund, please contact Edwin van de Woestijne or Bart Vink.

Edwin van de Woestijne
managing director and fund director
ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund
T: +31 (0)30 257 26 54
E: edwin.van.de.woestijne@asr.nl

Bart Vink
fund manager
ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund
T: +31 (0)6 53 78 49 76
E: bart.vink@asr.nl