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ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund scores above average in peer group

undefinedThe ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund (DPRF) increased its 2017 GRESB score to 66 (on a scale of 0 to 100) compared to 2016, which is an increase of 4.8%. As a result, the Fund retains its three out of five star rating and now scores above average in its peer group. Through the continuous improvement of its GRESB score, the Fund shows that sustainability plays a key role in its strategy.

The improvement is spread across the different themes, with the biggest increase in the areas of ‘Policy & Disclosure’, ‘Monitoring & EMS’ and ‘Stakeholder Engagement’. The efforts the Fund made last year to optimize its CSR policy and reporting, the monitoring of the environmental performance and supply chain engagement all contributed significantly to the 4.8% increase.

The Fund showed a particularly strong outperformance on the ESG topic Governance (G), scoring 92 out of 100, while the peer group average is 78 out of 100. This demonstrates the good quality of the Fund’s governance of sustainability through its policies and procedures. ASR DPRF also outperformed with regard to Social (S), which involves the Fund’s relationship with, and impact on, its stakeholders and the direct social impact of its activities.

An added focus on tenant engagement, tenant fit-out and refurbishment programs will have a significant impact and will be one of the targets for next year. The Fund scores below average on Environmental (E). This theme relates to the monitoring and decrease of the environmental footprint of the portfolio and presents a challenge for ASR DPRF, other Dutch retail funds and all funds worldwide.

In conclusion, ASR DPRF is pleased that its participation in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment and the feedback from GRESB’s employees throughout the years has significantly contributed to an improvement in the Fund’s overall CSR performance.


For more information on the Fund and its sustainable efforts, please contact Lizzy Butink or Bart Vink.

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