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ASR DMOF: A growing Fund with an increased focus on the ‘G5’ office markets

ASR DMOF’s third Three Year Business Plan includes the objective of further expanding into a diversified portfolio focusing on the G5 office markets. This expansion will be supported by a pipeline which amounts to €400 million and includes the Wonderwoods office building in Utrecht (expected completion: 2022). The Fund’s strategy now includes a greater focus on major public transport hubs in the ‘G5’ office markets, which are expected to outperform the Dutch office market. The pipeline is located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven. Although prime office yields are historically low in these markets, the Fund has a disciplined acquisition strategy in which a long-term distributable result of 5% for investors remains key. The three case studies outlined below provide more background.


Utrecht, central station


Utrecht, Wonderwoods office building

Case studies

1) Eindhoven: innovation, technology, knowledge and creativity
Eindhoven is the fifth-largest city in the Netherlands and is one of the ‘G5’ cities. It is home to major international companies such as Philips, NXP and ASML and also has an outstanding university of technology. The wider Eindhoven region is an innovation hub with a healthy and proven ecosystem. Eindhoven has even been named as the most innovative city in Europe by the European Commission. Read more about the Eindhoven office market.

2) High-quality public transportation hubs at the core of urbanization
The Fund will maintain its focus on office locations close to high-quality public transportation hubs in the Netherlands. Office buildings at these locations are expected to benefit from increased multifunctionality, leading to high demand from tenants. Most of the large railway stations in the Netherlands have been upgraded to anticipate growing passenger numbers, which is confirmed at the vast majority of train stations in the Netherlands. Read more about growing rail passenger numbers.

3) Where is my parking space?
The Fund invests in city-centre locations where space is at a premium and room for parking facilities is limited. The emergence of electric cars and car sharing is also around the corner. These and other developments will have an impact on how we move from A to B, and on where and how we park our vehicles. We talked to Interparking, the third-largest parking operator in Europe and operator of a.s.r.’s Kruiskade garage in Rotterdam. Read the interview with Interparking.

For more information about the Three Years Business Plan and the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund, please contact Pieter Vandeginste or Ricardo Roode.

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