a.s.r. real estate

Tilburg, Ruinerwoldstraat

57 single-family houses

Utrecht, Laurierkwartier

In development, 50 apartments & 47 single-family houses. 69 dwellings are part of the ‘Actieplan Middenhuurwoningen’.

Amsterdam, Cruquiuswerf

In development, 122 apartments in Amsterdam.

Utrecht, Wonderwoods

In development, 248 apartments. Joined acquisition with the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund.

Den Haag, De Hoge Regentesse

Recently completed and transferred to the portfolio, 128 apartments.

Amsterdam, Floor

Completed transformation project, 162 apartments, in the heart of Amsterdam.

Diemen, De Brede Hoed

35 apartments in Diemen, in the vicinity of Amsterdam.

Rijswijk, The Minister

Transformation project in development, 220 apartments.

Breda, Ambachtenlaan

43 sustainably renovated single-family houses. An example of the 1,000 sustainably renovated dwellings of the Fund.