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Four stars for ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund


The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund (ASR DCRF) achieved an excellent performance, increasing its GRESB score to 72 (on a scale of 0 to 100) for 2017, which is an increase of 28.5% compared to 2016. The Fund was awarded four out of the maximum five stars, scoring above average in its peer group. Through GRESB, the Fund is able to show its full commitment to sustainability.

The outstanding improvement is mainly the result of the Fund’s increased insight into tenants’ energy use, improved tenant engagement, a 2.6% reduction in energy consumption and optimization of CSR reporting. In addition, the extensive efforts the Fund has put forth in implementing large-scale sustainable renovations of its standing investments have contributed to its four-star award. In 2018, around 1,000 dwellings will have been renovated, moving from a non-green label (below EPA-C) to at least energy label A. This is expected to further improve our GRESB.

undefinedThe Fund showed a particularly strong outperformance for the ESG themes Social (S) and Governance (G). The Fund scored 94 out of 100 in both areas, while the peer group averages were 83 and 85, respectively. This demonstrates the Fund’s high-quality sustainability governance, which is achieved through its policies and procedures, its relationship with and impact on its stakeholders and the direct social impact of its activities. While still above average, the Fund scored considerably lower on the third theme Environmental (E). This theme relates to the monitoring and decrease of the portfolio’s environmental footprint and presents a big challenge for the near future for ASR DCRF, other Dutch residential funds and all funds worldwide.



For more information on the Fund and its sustainable efforts, please contact Lizzy Butink or Olle Overbosch.

Lizzy Butink
Sustainability manager
a.s.r. real estate
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E: lizzy.butink@asr.nl

Olle Overbosch
Associate Fund Management
ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund
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