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ASR DCRF starts construction of two all electric developments in Q4 2018

In the fourth quarter of 2018 construction will commence of two all-electric pipeline properties for the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund.

Even though the restriction on natural gas connections for residential developments in the Netherlands has only been in effect for a few months, ASR DCRF has exploited highly sustainable, all electric alternatives for years. The Fund delivered its first all-electric  pipeline property, Futura, in Zoetermeer in 2015. The 69 unit apartment building received a BREEAM Very Good label in 2015. Most recently, the Fund delivered its first energy neutral (0-op-de-meter) residential units.

The last few years the Fund has employed various all-electric solutions. This experience is employed in projects De Hoge Regentesse in Den Haag and Cruquius in Amsterdam, for which construction is set to start in Q4 2018. The buildings use different systems to achieve all electric solutions; a centralized hot/cold storage and individual air-water-heat pumps. These solutions provide, alongside city heating, enough technical variety to construct every ASR DCRF pipeline project without a natural gas connection.

undefinedDe Hoge Regentesse

De Hoge Regentesse is a 128 unit apartment building located in Den Haag, which employs a centralized hot/cold storage system, allowing for all electric heating of the apartments. This efficient system leads to a significant reduction of energy use, and therefore a lower utility bill for tenants. As there is growing market evidence for increased rental levels for highly sustainable developments, due to lower overall cost of living, the sustainable measures in this pipeline property are expected to benefit ASR DCRF’s CSR goals, as well as its return outlook. Construction of the project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. 

The building offers 2- and 3 bedroom apartments between 70m2 and 95m2 for rental levels between € 875 and € 1,035. Every dwelling has an individual storage unit and access to a parking garage, with room for 102 cars and 256 bikes


Cruquiuswerf in Amsterdam is a 122 unit apartment building in a new to be developed neighborhood of Amsterdam. Unlike De Hoge Regentesse, the building uses individual air-water-heat pumps which supply each of the apartments with heating and coolingcapacity. The choice for individual units was made after reviewing both a a cold/storage system and city heating. The possibility of placing individual units on the roof for every apartment allowed for the placement of heat pumps, which increases flexibility towards future developments, as the pumps are easily replaced at the end of their lice cycle. 

The building has 1-, 2- and 3 bedroom apartments between 46m2 and 110m2 with rental levels between € 950 and € 1,750. 25 the units are laid out as ‘friends’ apartments, in which 2 identical bedroom with separate bathrooms are employed, allowing for the occupation by two people, not necessarily partners 1100 per unit. This allows for optimum use of the building by its intended focus groups, thereby increasing rental revenue. Every dwelling has an individual storage unit and access to a parking garage, with room for 78 cars.

For more information on the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, please contact Marsha Sinninghe.

Marsha Sinninghe
fund manager
ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund
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