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ASR DCRF: Let’s get digital

undefinedHow do you keep up with the news?
Which media do you use to find a new house?
How do you manage your personal finances?
Which smart technologies have you implemented in your house?

Four questions which highlight the impact of digitisation on our daily lives. It therefore comes as no surprise that our tenants are asking us to digitise the rent process as well. The real estate sector has not always been a frontrunner in terms of innovation but the demand for a more digitised rent process is now undeniable.

The changing role of the property manager
In addition to the trend towards digitisation, we also acknowledge the changing role of the property manager in the real estate chain. This role has evolved from traditional tasks, such as administration and maintenance, to more service-oriented activities, such as facility management and innovation. Yet existing property management organisations often seem less than fully equipped to meet the current expectations of tenants and institutional investors, let alone their future expectations.

Both digitisation and this changing role have an impact on the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund (ASR DCRF) and its aim of putting customers (i.e. tenants) first. Looking at the feedback from the annual tenant satisfaction survey, we discovered that tenants prefer a more digitised rent process. Tenants also expressed their confusion about and dissatisfaction with the role of the external property manager in this process.

ASR DCRF began insourcing most of the external property managers’ tasks long ago, but part of the rental process has so far remained in external hands. Further digitisation and insourcing of the rental process will have the following advantages for ASR DCRF:

• Improving tenant satisfaction;
• Lowering costs;
• Reducing dependence on external property managers.

Supply platform
ASR DCRF is currently developing two portals to meet the demand for a more digitised rental process. The first of these is already in place: a supply platform for new builds. This platform enables potential tenants to sign up for newly built houses. Potential tenants enter their personal data (e.g. income) in a secure digital environment and are then able to select their preferred house. A digitised allocation procedure connects the potential tenant’s data to the preferred house, ensuring independent allocation. This platform has already been used in the leasing of our newest objects Ebbingekwartier in Groningen and The Beacons in Amsterdam. A supply platform for re-renting is currently under development.

Tenant platform
We are currently working on a second platform for our existing tenants. The goal is to develop a one-stop shop where tenants can make all the necessary arrangements concerning their home. The ambition is to centralise repair requests, complaints, compliments, questions, rent payments and all other relevant information (e.g. rental agreement, floor plan, energy label).

By implementing these new technologies, we aim to keep ASR DCRF and its processes up to date and futureproof.

For more information on the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, please contact Robbert van Dijk or Marsha Sinninghe:

Robbert van Dijk
fund director
ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund
M: +31 (0)6 21 29 43 63
E: robbert.van.dijk@asr.nl

Marsha Sinninghe
fund manager
ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund
M: +31 (0)6 10 99 08 35
E: marsha.sinninghe@asr.nl