a.s.r. real estate

Corporate governance and voting policy

ASR Real Estate B.V. (a.s.r. real estate) qualifies as an AIF-manager of ASR Property Fund N.V. (‘ASR Property Fund’). The portfolio management of ASR Property Fund’s European listed real estate portfolio has been outsourced to AXA Investment Management S.A. (‘AXA IM’). For the corporate governance and voting policy a.s.r. real estate follows AXA IM’s policy, which you can find on the website of AXA IMThe casted votes during the past reporting year by AXA IM on behalf of ASR Property Fund can be found here.

Outsourced activities are reviewed at least once a year by a.s.r. real estate in accordance with regulatory requirements. Besides the annual review of outsourced activities a.s.r. real also frequently reviews if AXA IM’s policy is in accordance with the investment policy that a.s.r. real estate has set out for the ASR Property Fund. More information about ASR Property Fund’s investment policy can be found here [only available in Dutch].