a.s.r. real estate

Mission and vision

Responsibility and long-term vision:
Being part of an insurance company, a.s.r. real estate has always had a responsibility to deliver long-term returns on invested assets. We are conscious that the money we invest has been put aside by people for their pensions and insurance cover, and this money is used to provide security to those people and to enable them to take responsible risks in their lives. That’s why throughout our history we have consistently focused on the capital appreciation of land and real estate over the long term. Our current institutional investors, which include large pension funds, also appreciate this scope. For a number of years we have portrayed this vision as ‘investing with perpetual value’.

This has led us to formulate the following mission:
Every day we work hard to create perpetual value for both our investors and for society at large. We are entrepreneurial and act social responsible. We invest in high-quality real estate.