a.s.r. real estate

Mission and vision

Our mission is to create long-term value for investors and society by enabling retailers, landowners and tenants to fulfil their work, retail or housing needs.

Long-term thinking

Long-term thinking is an integral part of a.s.r. In rural real estate we call it stewardship, but we also take good care of our residential propertiesshops and offices. Our pursuit of eternal value is not only financially driven, but we also have a social motive: a.s.r. has (and feels) a responsibility to contribute to people’s everyday living and work environments.


By daring to focus on long-term interests, we commit ourselves to investing in vital and affordable living and working environment for tenants and leaseholders. Sustainability is not just a buzzword for a.s.r., but is an absolute prerequisite: if we want to benefit from our real estate in 50 years, we must take good care of it. Therefore we carefully manage, maintain and (re-)develop real estate.

Active asset managers

An optimal state of maintenance allows us to act as active asset managers: when we see its time to withdraw, our properties are always ready. Moreover, we have chosen not to focus on niche markets such as exclusive residential towers but to focus on all sectors in the market’s volume segments; and for our real estate to be located in the heart of society.

Continuity for capital providers 

From a financial perspective, this links perfectly with a.s.r.’s mission: we offer people financial continuity in their lives and enable them to take responsible risks so they can achieve their ambitions. For our stakeholders, this means a vision that is focused on continuity for capital providers, which comes from healthy long-term relationships with tenants, residents and land users.